And This... Is a Talking Atlas Hiatus

Hey there Talking Atlas fans,

After some meaningful, if challenging, conversations, Jacob and I (Bryce) have decided to put Talking Atlas on hiatus. We apologize for this abrupt turn of events. There is no need for undue worry: Jacob and I are still the best of friends (we got lunch today, even), and we aren't ceasing to exist anytime soon (if we can help it).

We recently realized the extent to which we were "going through the motions" creating episodes of Talking Atlas. It's an endeavor we both enjoy, in some capacities, but the times we scramble to create something seem to outnumber the times we are able to take unconditional joy in what we're making.

Where do we go from here? That is difficult to say. Jacob and I still want to make content, and it is possible that that content ends up being Magic-centric, or turns into some new take on Talking Atlas. We'll be taking a few weeks to rest and consider (sometimes over lunch, as it happens).

Regardless of the eventual outcome, we wanted to thank the small-but-by-no-means-insignificant community around Talking Atlas. We and this podcast have grown in tandem over the past 2.5 years, and it's incredible to think that there are people who voluntarily put our voices into their heads for our thoughts on Magic.

Happy planeswalking, everyone.

With all our love,

-Bryce and Jacob

PS: For one (maybe last) hurrah, we'll be publishing the lengthy outtakes from 2018, as well as ensuring that our previous outtakes are accessible on Opal Nebula. Stay Tuned™.