About the Crew

Opal Nebula is crewed by a scrappy band of ne'er-did-wells who host and produce all of the content you hear before you.


Jacob Schatz

Host: Album Club 500, Talking Atlas

Jacob is a graduate of RPI with a degree in Computer Science and Games and Simulation Arts and Sciences. Despite that, he also runs too many podcasts.


Bryce Miller

Host: Talking Atlas
Producer: Album Club 500, Talking Atlas

Bryce too graduated from RPI with a degree in Games and Simulations Art and Sciences. She promptly ignored that degree and started creating content. In addition to running day-to-day Opal Nebula operations, Bryce writes Low Market on EDHREC and is a self-proclaimed "Gender Sage". 



Host: Album Club 500

Twenty-Seven has a deep background of music and pop culture experience that makes her an invaluable host. We found her under a set of railroad tracks and decided to give her a microphone.